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97% of writer’s don’t finish their book. 

Do you want to be the 3% that do?

Forward Thinking Publishing are passionate about supporting self-help authors get the right support and guide them on the self-publishing journey in order that they can get their story and their message out into the world.

Writing a book is sometimes a stressful journey but with the right help and support it can be a life changing event for both the author and the reader.

We believe at Forward Thinking Publishing that a book can change lives and so we want to help you get your book published as pain free as possible.

The universe needs your story

When we write a book we have self-doubts like; “who am I to write a book”, “what do I know” and “will people want to read about my journey”.

The answer is YES.

We all have experiences and challenges in life and even if we can help one person to have an easier journey than us then it is worth writing your book and sharing it.  Do you agree?

Forward Thinking Publishing wants to keep it straightforward for you to get your self-help book published so other people can be inspired by your story.

If you want to be in that 3% of people that finish their book then give us a call.


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