Want to write a book – but don’t know where to start? Step 2

Step 2 -  Know and Understand Your Reader

I hope you enjoyed week 1 and now have a clear vision and goal for what you want to achieve with your book.

This week I will be sharing my top tip on how to write with ease.

When I was writing my book, Kick Ass Your Life there was a point at which I got stuck.  I wanted to give up. I couldn’t move forwards.  I couldn’t find any inspiration to keep writing.  And I was only a few thousand words into my book!  Panic set in.

At this point I stopped all writing and started to consider my reader.  I created an avatar and asked myself some simple questions. Who was the reader; what would they be feeling; what was their problem and how did I solve it; what did I want them to feel and how did I want them to feel after reading the book.  These were the questions that I had in mind that kept me writing all the way to the end.

With my knowledge of the reader and the structure (which I will be sharing in week 4) I wrote Kick Ass Your Life in 4 weeks.  Yes, that’s right 28,000 words in 28 days!

By creating an avatar it will help you:-

  • move forwards with writing
  • write quicker because you will be able to relate to the reader
  • have a clear goal of what you want to achieve with your book
  • speak to your reader
  • maintain your voice throughout

When my book was released the biggest compliment I got from my readers were that they could hear my voice. One of my clients, that I had been working with for many years, said that she could feel that I was speaking to her.

I would not have had those compliments if I didn’t understand who my reader was.  Your avatar will be one person, but you will be speaking to many hundreds and hopefully thousands.

Step 3 : Top pitfalls to avoid when writing.

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Happy writing.