When writing a “how to” book you need to grab the attention of your readers in the first few pages.  Writing a novel will be different because you want to engage the reader to keep turning the pages whereas with a “how to” book you need to write it slightly differently.  You need to tell you reader exactly what their problem is, how you are going to solve it and why they should read your book.

Therefore, structuring a “how to” book is super important and if you get this right then your book should fly off the shelf.

Why create a structure?

By creating a solid structure it will:-

  • help you with dreaded writer’s block
  • help you to know exactly what you are writing chapter to chapter
  • save you time
  • give you a clear sense of direction and purpose

Beginning – Middle – End

At the beginning of your book you need to establish yourself as an expert quite quickly so this week you could start out by writing about yourself and why you are writing your book.  The middle, you are telling the reader the solution and at the end you need to wrap it all up.  By following a structure this will help you identify whether you have solved their problem and answered all the reader’s questions.  In my last blog I talked about knowing your reader and by knowing exactly who you are writing for will help you to create a solid structure.

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Happy writing.