About Forward Thinking Publishing

Forward Thinking Publishing was set up by Ann Hobbs to help self-help authors get their story out into the world.  She wrote her first book Kick Ass Your Life in 2015 and self-published it.  Ann says “it was like giving birth to a baby”.  The process was scary and overwhelming but she made her way through and is now excited to be sharing her knowledge.

Ann Hobbs has been a holistic therapist for over 13 years and a coach for 5 years and runs a successful coaching practice.  She coaches executive people to live and work on purpose.  Ann understands the self-help industry and is passionate that everyone has a book inside of them itching to get out.

Ann wants to encourage self-help authors, coaches and holistic therapists to get their message out into the world and has set up Forward Thinking Publishing to take away the headaches and have the support they need to produce a great book.

Forward Thinking Publishing has a team of experts including editors, typesetting, book designers and website designers helping them to create and publish great looking books.  We are a one shop stop for publishing your story.

We know how hard it is to write and keep the momentum going and then to navigate the self-publishing highway.  We are here at every stage of your journey - idea to book!

Forward Thinking Publishing is here to support those authors so wherever you are on your journey then we can help.

Why publish with Forward Thinking Publishing?

Forward Thinking Publishing ethos is we are stronger as a unit rather than individual authors.  We have strength in numbers and this gives us more opportunities as authors.  Individual authors are struggling to get into bookstores and have the same opportunities as traditional publishing houses and so collectively we have more strength.  The more authors we publish under the umbrella of Forward Thinking Publishing we all have more strength to compete with the bigger publishing houses.

You are still in control of your book, you maintain copyright and you can make all the decisions self-publish authors like with the support and guidance of Forward Thinking Publishing.

It is still up to you to market your book, who better to market it then the author.  However, Forward Thinking Publishing will support all authors wherever we can, by having a bio and link to their book on our website and by running events.  You are still in control of marketing your book.  We take no royalties, you only pay for the service you require, there are no hidden costs.