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Ann Hobbs - Kick Ass Your Life


Ann Hobbs has been training and working to help people discover change for the past 15 years. Her aim is always to help people regain control of their lives.

Ann recognized, from her own experience, that the key to long-term change was not only fixing the issue but also taking responsibility for it. As a result, Ann developed a bespoke ‘kick ass’ toolkit of techniques that has since helped hundreds of people to create wellbeing and long-lasting change.

Over the last ten years, Ann has built up a successful practice in Bristol as a holistic therapist, but now also works as a life coach with clients all over the country via Skype and phone, using her tried-and-tested techniques to help people kick ass their lives.

Ann is running her own publishing company, Forward Thinking Publishing to encourage others to write and publish their self-help books.

Kick Ass Your Life book

Are you ready to kick ass your life?

When our world has been turned upside down, you feel lost, scared and don’t know how to move forwards. Ann understands this because 15 years ago she too felt this way. In Kick Ass Your Life Ann shares her moving story and the ‘Kick Ass’ toolkit she now uses as a successful therapist and life coach to help others overcome feeling lost, frustrated, anxious and out of control.

Underpinning all Ann’s work is the idea that change is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix, and Kick Ass Your Life guides you through some simple exercises, based on tried-and-tested tools and techniques, to help you move forwards.

Kick Ass Your Life will take you on a journey to help you:

  • Explore your feelings and uncover the core problem.
  • Understand how to overcome and manifest change.
  • Discover how to build the foundations of a successful life.

Kick Ass Your Life sets out to give you a sense of understanding about why they are feeling lost and how to move forwards at this point of time. By the end of the book, you will understand the pitfalls of change and how not to succumb to these, so that you can get to the core of your problems and then effect change quickly.

Hilary Franklin – Peeling Away the Mask


For over fifteen years Hilary Franklin has been empowering women in all aspects of their lives. Whether for health reasons or to heighten personal awareness Hilary specifically uses her training as a Voice Facilitator to help women find their own voice in the world giving them the confidence to peel away layers of social conditioning.

She also supports and acts as a spiritual companion to those moving through difficult times with their loved ones or with themselves.

Now in her mid-sixties, Hilary is also a One Spirit Interfaith Minister. She offers bespoke ceremonies including child blessings, marriages and funerals around the country; mentoring the participants, be they individuals or couples, as they pass through the major cycles of their lives.

Hilary lives in Wiltshire with her husband and their dog, Maya.

Peeling Away The Mask


“Please hear what I’m not saying. Don’t be fooled by me, by the face I wear. For I wear a mask, a thousand masks, masks that I’m afraid to take off, and none of them is me.  Pretending is an art that’s second nature with me, but don’t be fooled...beneath lies no complacence. Beneath lies confusion and fear and aloneness. But I hide this. I don’t want anybody to know it.”                                                                                 Charles L. Whitfield, MD


Fifteen years ago this person Charles Whitfield speaks of was me.  It took my body to seize up like a rusty car fit for the scrapheap, to help me look at these masks I was wearing.  When Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera first began in London in 1986 I was 36 years old. My love of music across several genres was establishing itself at the time.  I not only longed to see it, but was privileged to be taken to the West End to see Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman playing the main parts. I had a strange and completely compelling fascination with the Phantom and it is only now that I realise why. A scarred human being wearing a facial mask to disguise his wounding hides himself away and attracts attention by creating havoc in the opera house. As he falls in love with Christine, the opera singer who is full of light and song, she reflects his vulnerability and the beauty in him, leading the audience to see his true spirit.

Some time ago, I realised that for three decades of my life I had been wearing a mask. It began to form early on in my life, when I was silenced from speaking the truth within my family. The mask helped hide my wounding and ‘fit in’. My laughter hid my shame and guilt filled me with fear, keeping me from breaking free and finding the life I truly wanted. In my teens I felt like a bird imprisoned in a cage and longed to fly free but was unable to find a way out, so I continued to fit in and follow the patterns of the society into which I was born. By early adulthood the mask had become so well established that I no longer knew who I really was.

Aged forty, my body cried out, no longer able to bear the weight of my unexpressed self. It became so rigid and stuck, that eventually I was forced to face my inner being and set myself free. Severe onset osteo-arthritis was attacking my hip joints, which served to immobilise my spine and legs. Within 18 months of diagnosis I was walking on two sticks and had a disabled sticker on my car. How could I alter the prognosis that I would be in a wheelchair by the age of 60? It turns out that the illness was also a mask. Although it all felt so real, my recovery proves that it wasn’t.

Many of us wear masks to differing degrees and sometimes we don’t even know it. The mask becomes so much a part of us. We only wake up to reality when something shocking happens. Teachers teach what they most need to know. So it was with me. 

By putting myself through various forms of Healing Arts, the layers beneath the mask began to peel away giving rise to a greater awareness of my true Self, the God within me. By seeing and listening through the eyes and ears of truth, with forgiveness and compassion, through the Love which came from the depths of my heart, the layers of pain and falsity gradually peeled away revealing yet more truth, love and intimacy. Finally, I uncovered the Self which was born free, the Light that I was by birthright. The shadows that had been created by the conditioning of parents, teachers and other authority figures, began to dissolve.  

I would love to share with you some of the ways in which I took back my authority over my health and became a conduit of Love. As a result, I am now living a more connected life which serves me, those around me, and the universe. Learning the various practices which led to this healing, I felt called to share them with others. My journey from sickness to health, from grief to joy, and to a future graced with Love, is an open invitation to consider your own journey.

  • Getting in touch with my body with which I had disassociated – moving it and loving it.
  • Finding my true/authentic voice through Chloe Goodchild’s The Naked Voice through the power of Listening and Silence.
  • Then discovering my true/authentic spiritual pathway through walking the labyrinth of Chartres and journeying around the world.
  • Finally healing the wounds of religion and stepping forward to becoming a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister in 2012, celebrating all major rites of passage.

Being at peace with myself and the world now, inspired to step forward onto the path of sacred activism, being who I am and shining my light in my community.

Hilary Eliza Franklin


author of “Peeling Away the Mask”… get to the heart of what really matters

Julie Anne Hart - The Myth of Fear

Julie Anne Hart

Julie Anne Hart works with socially switched on entrepreneurial leaders, influencers and changemakers who are seeking fulfilment through developing their connection to spirit.

By using direct natural channel and working beyond her intuition Julie Anne Hart provides wisdom to accelerate your leading-edge position to a whole new level. 

To enable you to impactfully leave a legacy and blueprint of your wisdom for many generations to come.

Julie Anne Hart is a Leadership Coach and Intuitive Consultant.  Julie Anne works with her own philosophy a unique blend of Ancient Wisdom, spirituality and therapeutic techniques to empower you to lead the life you love.  Julie Anne Hosts a range of courses and programmes, retreats and Medicine Lodge Days.

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The Myth of Fear

What are you afraid of?

Not being good enough?  Feel like you will not succeed!

You want to feel and think differently about yourself but struggle to do so?

What you fear is yourself.  You deny your gifts, talents and skills.  You rubbish the beautiful essence of who you are.  You fear the spirit of who you are.

Why?  Because you fear your truth – You fear your magnificence!

This book will give you the insight and tools to awaken to the true spirit of you and move into creating the life you love from a place of pain to one of purpose and unlimited potential as you develop your personal, professional and spiritual awareness.

Taking you step-by-step through a process to see your journey take hold and become your empowered self and finally, step into your leadership role.

Leadership of you; to become your true and most powerful self.

“This book is powerful beyond your wildest dreams.  Read – re-read – re-read – learn to live, not just exist”.  Ana Demidoff – Spiritual Teacher and Leadership Coach.


Neil Hilier - The Travellers Guide To The Holographic Universe


First and foremost I am a teacher. I prefer tutoring people one on one as I have found that group sessions do not work for everyone because in most cases the students are at a different level. Hence I prefer tutoring because I can tailor the teachings so that they fit the needs of the individual.

I come from a family of teachers, both my parents and a number of cousins are teachers.

I love what I do and get a lot of satisfaction in sharing my knowledge in helping others to get the best out of their computers.



The Travellers Guide To The Holographic Universe

The book is about my travels; facing fear and understanding the difference between the authentic self and the ego.

Deborah Jane & Deborah Meredith - Whatever It Takes + Create Your Blockbuster Life


Deborah Meredith reached the age of 40 and knew something had to change. “I had to stop following the scripts everyone else was thrusting at me and start following my own.” But that was easier said than done!  Now the Executive Producer and Director of her own blockbuster she shares the backstage secrets of how she stepped out of the wings into her spotlight and how you can step out of the wings into YOUR spotlight.

“You are such a brave, admirable woman.” “I have a whole new understanding of psychological abuse than I ever had before……….you’ve got through it from pure determination and strength. Totally well done.”

Are you stuck in an abusive relationship?  Do you feel you need to step out of it and into something else?  Do you want to stand up for yourself and your beliefs?  Are you feeling scared and alone?  This book is a story of survival and hope. It provides sound advice and guidance for anyone wishing they could rewrite their script and shine.

Deborah Jane seemed to have it all; nice house in a sought-after area, happy marriage, beautiful new baby, a growing industry-leading business and a good professional network who valued and respected her. Beneath the façade she was deeply unhappy and life was about to take a significant turn for the worse.  Going through experiences she wouldn't wish on her worst enemy she hit rock bottom and realised the only way she was going to climb out of the pit was to do it herself, one step at a time, proving that if you want something badly enough it's possible to do “whatever it takes” to step out of the wings, into the spotlight and create your own blockbuster life.

What It Takes is a story of hope and Deborah Jane’s story help you to find the strength and courage to keep on going whatever it takes.

Wherever you are in your life, you are not alone.  This life really is not a rehearsal and we owe it to ourselves to do whatever it takes to shine in our own spotlight.  You’re never too old and it’s never too late.

Create Your Blockbuster Life

Are you feeling like you’re in a mid-life crisis?  Are you feeling a little lost or stuck?  Are you feeling that life has passed you by?  Have you gone through major adversity and are wondering how to bounce back? 

You are in the right place - this book will inspire and motivate you to rewrite your script.  It is possible to rebuild your life.

Deborah Meredith was in exactly the same place having had numerous ‘adventures through adversity’ until she decided she needed to rewrite her script and recreate her life on her terms. 

Create YOUR Blockbuster Life is a warm, compassionate self-help book with Deborah Meredith sharing her story and the tools, tips and strategies that took her from hiding out on her kitchen floor to speaking to a room full of strangers and then realising a lifelong ambition. 

Deborah’s moto in life is “whatever it takes” and Create YOUR Blockbuster Life will help you to make gradual changes in your life, whatever it takes, to enable you to step out of the wings (your current life) into YOUR spotlight, whatever that may be where you truly live the life you want.

You will feel excited and motivated that you can start again and create the script of your life that you want to live.  You are never too old and it’s never too late.


Kath Twigg - The Hall of Mirrors

Kath Twigg is social work trained.  She spent a long career in the criminal justice system where she worked as a practitioner, manager and senior manager.  Currently she works as a freelance university lecturer, mentor, trainer and writer.  She also runs therapeutic writing courses for survivors of domestic abuse and workshops for those who wish to escape destructive life patterns and abusive relationships.  She lives very happily with her husband in the Peak District of Derbyshire.

'Our understanding dawns alongside Kath’s in her beautifully told story. We start as incredulous and puzzled at her behaviour as she became herself; by the end we grasp the powerful healing of her learning to free and love herself.’

Dr Gillie Bolton, author of twelve books on personal development through writing,

 Hall Of Mirrors

Are you trapped in an unhealthy relationship?  Do you want to avoid making past mistakes?    Do you want to live a life free from abuse? Do you simply wonder why people find it so hard to escape abusive relationships?

The Hall of Mirrors is the compelling story of a professional woman who is also a survivor of domestic abuse, told in her own words.  Her early experiences set the scene for later relationships, where patterns of abuse and unhappiness dominated her life.  She tells of her struggle to escape from this cycle over many years, its power over her thoughts and actions and her ultimate success in escaping from its grasp; an emotional journey which enabled her to find and respect her true self.

This book is a gripping page turner with all the elements of a best seller.  If you are trapped in an unhealthy relationship, seeking to avoid past mistakes, working with people who experience abuse or simply wondering why anyone would stay in an abusive relationship, this book is for you.  The Hall of Mirrors is courageously written, talking openly about abusive relationships to help people in the same position to find the strength and courage to leave and move on.